Map of Our Natchez Trace Bike Trip

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A much more enjoyable road to travel on

Dennis showing off his fine "roadkill" hat
 Day 34 - It was another cold morning, so we watched a movie on cable TV and then enjoyed a great motel breakfast before getting on the road at 10:00 AM.  From Huntingdon we headed NW on Hwy 22, which turned out to have an excellent smooth, 10 foot wide shoulder and was a designated bike route.  We found it ironic that Hwy 22 was a 4-lane highway, but it had far less traffic than 2-lane Hwy 70 did yesterday.  We had to fight a moderately strong NW wind all day and, since we are pedaling in that direction now, it greatly reduced our efficiency.  We only averaged a little over 10 mi/hr today.  We can't complain, however, since we have had clear, blue skies for over a week without a hint of any rain and the 7 day forecast is for the same weather pattern to continue.  The temperatures are great for traveling by bike, after the morning chill, and we don't even sweat or, if we do, the humidity is so low we don't even notice it.  Although we enjoyed the great shoulders of Hwy 22, it was a rather dull day of pedaling.  Geri didn't even get attacked by any roadside bears today!  It's pretty bad when the highlight of the day was seeing an interesting triple geodome home and finding a nearly new "roadkill" hat that I really liked.  We reached Union City, TN. before 6:00 PM after pedaling over 55 miles and checked into a really nice motel.  Normally, we would be camping to save money, but we have not passed a campground since leaving the Natchez Trace.  That will change soon after we get back in Missouri.

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