Map of Our Natchez Trace Bike Trip

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

221 miles down-------221 miles to go!!!

Geri and Dennis on top on Bynum Indian Mound
Our campsite at Natchez Trace RV Park south of Tupelo, MS.

Day 27 - We had another relaxing morning catching up on journaling and blogging, but we left the motel soon after 9:00 AM. We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and did some grocery shopping, so we really didn't get traveling north until an hour later. Fall is in the air and the mornings are very cool. Since we are headed north, the autumn season is accelerated for us and we are seeing leaves changing color rapidly and trees loosing their leaves. There wasn't much to see the first part of the day so we just pedaled north, but we did pass the 221st mile marker, which is the halfway point between Natchez and Nashville. The relief of the terrain has changed and we do have some long gradual hills to climb now, instead of the very flat country we traveled through in the southern part of the Natchez Trace, but this does allow us to get in a few pedaling breaks as we enjoy some long downhill coasts. We took a long, late lunch at a picnic area after visiting two more Indian mounds and jumped from one historical site to another the rest of the afternoon. The NE wind was stronger today and it slowed our progress more than any other day since we have been heading north on the Trace. The temperature was warmer today too, but with the low humidity the 85 degree weather was not bad. We pedaled 51 miles today and averaged 10 mi/hr. We found a commercial campground within a half mile of the Parkway before 6:00 PM. We cooked burritos for dinner and got to bed before 10:00 PM. We will be camping for the next 3 nights, so I will not be able to download any photos for several days. I will add them when we reach a motel on Sunday near Nashville.

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